Managing performance goes far beyond just looking at the performance management tips of a single employee. When performance management tools are applied to the business as a whole, the company takes off more and more. In all senses.

Through this guide, learn about the main techniques and tools to perform performance management tip sand achieve the best results with your team.

What are performance management tips?

As performance management tips, we can define  that“the act of identifying, measuring and developing the performance of individual employees and their team, aiming to align such performance with the objectives of the company as a whole”.

It is important to keep in mind that organizational performance management tips is an ongoing process.

In such a competitive market, measuring and proposing ways to constantly improve is ideal  to stand out from the competition and ensure long-term organizational success. Therefore, never ignore the importance of performance management tips and their possible applications to measure and evolve your team’s actions.

Key performance management tips and tools:

performance management

Every good leader, HR professional or manager should know that there are several ways to approach performance management tips in their team. Next, learn about the main strategies and tools available to make the process simpler.

The famous KPIs – performance indicators

Have you heard of KPIs? Also known as key performance indicators, KPIs are very important performance management tools. They serve not only to measure, but also the better direct the decision-making process within the company.

In general terms, KPIs are one of the best ways to analyze results as a whole. Seeing, therefore, what is (or is not) being well applied – when measuring its performance management tips – and visualizing whether it is meeting the objectives thought of by the organization.

Performance evaluations

There is no way to talk about performance management tips and tools without mentioning the common assessments. After all, alongside KPIs, they are considered the most applied tools in this sense.

In a performance management tips evaluation, our primary purpose is to align the employee’s expectations with the organization’s own objectives and strategy.

However, for the desired results to be achieved, the process must be applied constructively and fairly. Flowing, in fact, like a natural conversation. Also, never punish them for not agreeing with any part of the process. More than ever, be open to feedback from your employees!


Attention: although many people are in doubt about the similarity of names, such evaluation is one of the tactics to apply performance management tips. So don’t get confused between performance appraisal and the overall performance management tips process. They are different concepts!


Management by objectives (MBO, GPO or APO)

MBO Also called management by objectives; management by objectives is a practice that was still thought of in the last century. But, its application is more current than we imagine.

The purpose of MBO, or the English “Management by objectives”, is for managers to define their objectives together with employees. Soon after, each employee will have an individual view of how they can reach them. And, from there, it moves on to monitoring progress, evaluating performance and providing feedback to those involved. Individually.

Here, the proposal is for the team to work towards common goals, but for the MBO to measure individual performance to see if it is in line with what has been established for the whole. Just keep in mind that the entire process is done step by step — focusing on step by step.

Stimuli such as rewards and recognition

A company that is concerned with applying performance management tips and tools cannot ignore a recognition program. Somehow, reward employees who stand out from the crowd for high levels of performance.

Unfortunately, when employees don’t feel that their high performance is valued, they tend to become demotivated. So, to keep the bond active and motivation afloat recognize high-performing employees.

The good news is that there are several ways to do this. Compliment the employee to the work group; promote some bonus/voucher, trip or exclusive gift. It pays to be creative!

Graphic scale

We can consider the graphic scale as one of the most traditional among performance management tips and tools. The reason for so much fame is the following: this method is extremely simplified and can serve as a kick-off to put into practice other organizational performance analyses. Even in companies that never imagined measuring the performance of their employees.

With the graphic scale, you build a table of skills to be evaluated x the score assigned to each of them. Consider working with factors such as: teamwork, communication, attendance, punctuality, level of production and problem solving. Or any others that you feel are important to score with.


Thus, it is easier to have an overview of the performance of a work group as a whole or a particular employee.

BSC performance indicators

With the concept coming from the 90’s at Harvard, the balanced performance indicators, or Balanced Scorecard (BSC) have already been extensively studied. The suggestion of the scholars who created it was to analyze organizational performance management tips and tools through four perspectives:

Internal processes;

Of learning and growth;

Of customers;

And finally, the financial base.

This overview would allow managers to have a 360º view of the organization, verifying that each section was meeting the company’s objectives. Thus, directing actions to achieve the best possible results. Assessments by competence d the overall performance management process. They are different concepts!

And last but not least, this technique is an action plan focused on assessing personal skills. This can be thought of both from a technical point of view (related to their position and function) and from a behavioral point of view (taking into account the conduct of each employee).

Remember that it will be necessary to take into account the particularities and technical and behavioral skills to arrive at high performance and quality analyses.

Achieve better performance with your team through a collaborative platform

Obviously, performance management tips and tools are essential to achieve high levels of performance. And, at the same time, being able to evolve by constantly measuring your results.


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