The metaverse is like a parallel reality, which promises to impact HR processes and people management. Want to know how? Follow this article with us.Whenever a new technology appears, the human resources sector seeks to incorporate it into people management in order to optimize processes and offer employees the best experience in their professional journey.

Certainly, this is a movement that brings life to HR, as it makes it dynamic and constantly changing. This transformation is essential to follow the market and ensure that the organization’s human capital is prepared to achieve business success.

Therefore, this year, HR gained a new agenda that has been growing in the organizational environment, coming into evidence in 2021: the metaverse, a technology that promises to profoundly impact the way companies relate to their employees.

And if what is being discussed are human relations at work, HR will certainly be part of this transformation and its processes will be impacted.In today’s article, we want to bring you more details about the metaverse and how it can be used by the HR sector to offer employees an exponential experience, from recruitment and selection.

Metaverse: A Parallel Reality

In general, we can say that the metaverse is like a parallel reality. A virtual experience that allows people to meet, even if they are far away. The truth is that the metaverse is not a recent discovery. On the contrary, already in the 90s, its concept was presented in practice, through virtual reality games.

However, limitations such as the internet network and even the lack of more efficient technologies, prevented the metaverse from offering today’s experience. As the technological advances of recent years have led to the development of new devices, capable of offering an ultra-realistic immersion in this virtual experience.

After all, the metaverse allows interaction between people, with the use of avatars, which allows dialogue and perception of the environment, even over long distances. It is the use of sensory experience and augmented reality, to offer the development of relationships, communication and creation of real situations, in the virtual world.

With that, he promises to revolutionize the market. And, when it comes to HR, impacting people management processes, starting with recruitment and selection .

People Management Benefits

The possibility of offering virtual interactions of augmented reality and sensorial experience is a great possibility to innovate in people management .Therefore, the impacts of this range from the possibility of promoting virtual meetings, as well as changes in the concept of workspaces.

If hybrid work was touted as a major HR trend for 2022 , the metaverse could potentiate that trend. Just imagine the possibility of bringing the work team together in the same virtual environment, even if the employees are in different parts of the planet.

Furthermore, it is possible to be almost simultaneously in different virtual spaces. With this, the concept of workspace is completely transformed. Just imagine being in a meeting in Belgium at 3 pm and then at 4 pm in another meeting in China? The metaverse offers a freedom that is not possible within the real world and its limitations of transit, time and physical space.

Another possibility for HR is the optimization of recruitment and selection processes, through the metaverse. The possibility of offering a more realistic process, through gamification, in a virtual reality environment is a great advance for recruitment and cultural fit processes. Not to mention inclusion and diversity. From virtual reality, it is possible to offer opportunities to people with special needs.

In addition, for the formation of high-performance teams, the metaverse enables the insertion of innovative training and development programs with a high possibility of generating engagement, especially among the younger generations. Which, in short, directly impacts the employer branding of the organization, through the image of a more innovative and inclusive company.

Metaverse: The Challenges

Like any new technology, the use of the metaverse in companies brings not only potential, but also challenges. In this sense, we want to bring three main points that demand attention and planning to adhere to this new possibility.

Behavior And Ethics

For the human resources sector, the use of the metaverse in organizational environments brings a point of observation: the behavioral and ethical aspects, in the use of the virtual world.

The relationship of people with technology is already a point of attention in various organizational spaces. Also, the relationship that exists between the real and the virtual, and the positioning of employees in networks, reason for discussions and even terminations in companies.

It is up to the human resources sector not only to offer the possibility of using new technologies, but also to create actions that guide their use. Creating social and collective awareness in the team is extremely important to avoid situations of conflict and even harassment, as we still do not have legislation in force in Brazil that regulates virtual living spaces.


Financial Resources

Every new technology to be deployed requires planning. And this planning is both about processes and their adjustments, and about financial organization. After all, innovation is always not very accessible and in the case of the metaverse, this is no different.

The glasses used to take employees to immersion in the virtual world are not accessible to all people. In this sense, it is important that HR pay attention to this reality.

Regarding internal processes such as training, virtual meetings and the like, it is necessary to take into account the financial resources available in the organization. After all, it is necessary to reach all employees, albeit gradually, in technological innovation.

It is also up to HR the need to be flexible in recruitment and selection processes. As it is a technology that is not yet accessible to all candidates, it is necessary that this sector is prepared for the conventional, so that its process is not exclusive or unfair.

Technological Support

Anyway, this is a technology that requires high-speed connections. Therefore, to implement it, it is necessary to invest in the development of an unstable network. A slow network can lead to a disastrous experience and faulty communication, as it can cause audio delays, thus compromising efficient interaction.


In short, the metaverse is a technology that enables a series of economic and social interactions and promising to revolutionize the business world.

In the performance of HR, the metaverse can provide practicality in various processes of people management. And of course, big challenges. The first one is the search for a more in-depth knowledge of this technology and its applications. Its use needs to make HR more humanized, and human relationships of better quality, overcoming the limits of time and space.

All of this, making it possible to care for people, since the excess of technology and the unbridled use of it has been pointed out by experts as one of those responsible for psychological illness. But that is a subject for another article.


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